Nearly gone

The light of today is nearly gone, though a last bright glimmer remains. Time to reflect. Time to atone.

Atone: For all the wrongs I've done in these brief few hours since I woke (losing my temper, shouting at the kids before school.....and the rest...) - and then the wrongs I've done to myself - (working straight through lunch, beating myself up over all the things I haven't finished.... and the rest....)

And reflect; - how strange that all the technology is responding to the stress and strain in the air around us. Strange technology glitches all around for the last few days. Things inexplicably not working. Bizarre delays and the disappearance of functions.
Big thanks to the man who listened to my complaint, brought up a big bag of goodies to the house "for my trouble". Big thanks to a world that is throwing work my way, notwithstanding the challenges it brings.

The last glimmer of day is gone now. All dark. Time to rest. Time to repair.


  1. Reflecting at the end of the day is a way to bring light into our lives. The light of kindness and compassion. Thank you for sharing this.


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