Thursday, 6 April 2017

The working single mother

The working single mother
leaves her child in bed
with a bowl of soup on the bedside table
and a cup of peppermint tea
and a sandwich made for lunchtime.

She remembers her own working mother,
who left her at home,
with a flask of tea and a current bun,
after she'd had teeth extracted using gas,
the current bun soft for her sore bleeding gums.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017


The airport is full of wolves.
So is the car hire kiosk,
the convenience store
and even the hospital.
They stand silently, watching,
eyes following my every move.
Grey and thin. Alert.
Waiting to pounce.
Padding silently behind me.
Forming a pack that waits
just outside my line of sight.
Ancient knowledge in their eyes.
Knowledge they won't impart,
and I can't ask for.
Walk briskly. Stay focused
on the airport, the car hire kiosk,
convenience store and hospital.
Ignore the pack of grey wolves
silently circling.

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Foxes on the Motorway

Late January,
and everything feels
like 4am.
Foxes crossing the motorway.
The current waiting time through security
is twelve minutes.
No lingering at Duty Free;
gate closes at 05.55.
One small bag,
out and back same day.
I'll sleep on the flight.
Sleeping household behind me.
Sleeping cats and dogs.
Foxes on the motorway at 4am.
I'll sleep long enough when I'm dead.

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Friday, 13 January 2017

We'd been for a walk with the dogs.

We'd been for a walk with the dogs.
Pub lunch, late Sunday afternoon.
All easy, all good.
Passed you, sitting on a bench,
by the church.
Head slumped.
Slurring your words
(insulated in my car)
and drooling.
I didn't mention I'd seen you.
Drove past, drove home,
to my little two up, two down.
Home to tea,
home with the dogs.
And you still sitting there,
Sunday afternoon pissed.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Later Than I'd Hoped

The traffic was at a standstill on the A38,
so I turned off and took the back roads into Birmingham.
It was already later than I'd hoped,
and I still had to go into town
to exchange christmas presents,
then get to Maple Dene to see mama,
before heading to the airport and flight home.
The back roads turned out to be longer
and busier than I'd expected.
Through Sutton Coldfield, past the hotel
where my dad did his shows,
past the turning to Sutton Park,
where my brother made me dive off the boat
to pick up his weights from the bottom of the lake.
Into Erdington (where I took my driving test),
past the turn for Oscott, and the cemetery
where my Babcia, and my brother,
and my dad and aunt and uncle
are buried.
Back onto the A38 at Spaghetti Junction.
Aston Hall on the right, where we used to go
with Mama and Mietek,
to walk his alsation in the park.
On into the Bull Ring, old roads and new roads,
past what used to be the Mercatt Cross,
(where we watched Fashion play,
and drank underage), and,
missing the turn for the car park,
through chinatown into Hurst St to park
up by the Hippodrome.
All changed, and all the same.
Later than I'd hoped.