A different countdown

Towards a new year

Laxton (1)

When I was seventeen

Stillness and menace

Letting go of 2012

Fierce winds

Spinning a life - words for 2013

Being enough

Connection and armour

the veil is thin

Twists and Turns

Mid December

Crib scene on rock

Something like acceptance

Advent arrival

On a grey sunday

Milky Way

Standing at a bus stop on Sunday morning

Simple prayer

A Good Day

Wisdom Within

The Thin Line

Slow Down

Peter Pan in heels

Cold Night

I don't really want to write a story.

Hospital visit

Destination Unknown

What Matters

Rainbow morning

Fallow time

My grandmother

My cherry tree

Moving Towards Redemption

Empty Space

Sunset in Winter

Oh what a beautiful morning

At Halloween

Freedom to play

Pale Blue Egg

Tail end

Letter from my 80 year old self

Flibberty jib

Half moon, Sunday Night

Largely untouched by death

The pause to draw breath

Late in the evening


small white box

Wild with stars

Nature's bounty in the rain

As morning arrives

nothing much makes sense

these edges