Oh what a beautiful morning

...and I find myself searching for a word that can describe the strong flood of emotion that sometimes arrives as we stand and look at the beauty of the world around us, or listen to an outstanding piece of music....

There doesn't seem to be such a word. There are words and phrases for surges of negative feeling ( like panic attack), but not for the positive surges.

If anyone knows one, please let me know. (In my dream last night, I knew the word, but in the way of dreams, as I woke, it disappeared...)


  1. Hello Keystyna! I've just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading your posts. This one particularly caught my imagination and I've put a link to it on my own blog:


    Thanks for what you've shared!

    1. Sorry - just saw that I typed your name wrongly, Krystyna! I beg your pardon...


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