Letter from my 80 year old self

You'll be here in thirty years.

It will happen quicker than you think, quicker than a blink. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Enjoy getting up and walking down the corridor to your own kitchen in the half dark, the dogs ready to greet you as you flick the kettle on and start on the lunches. Enjoy that little body tucked in next to yours at night, and telling you he loves you every hour.

Enjoy all these things you take for granted now. Enjoy the food, enjoy the work, enjoy all you are capable of. The day will come when you can't have a bath. The day will come when you can't drive a car. The day will come when instead of everyone wanting a piece of you, your days will be your own, and maybe far too long.

Enjoy. Be in your days, and find joy in your days, as step by step by step, you move towards the gradual disintegration of form.

Enjoy the world




  1. Absolutely spot on Krysia. I do a similar meditational exercise when I am stressed and irritated. I imagine myself alone as a lone soul encased in ice in a trillion years time. I am not suffering but neither am I happy. I am just there isolated in the eternity of the universe and even when the universe has died I am still there alone. I then remember these stressful moments in this brief life and mourn their passing and as I long for them and long to tocuh other people I am magically transported back to the here and now with a new sense of energy and wanting to enjoy each moment. Works every time. Hope I haven't said this before, another sign of age is thinking you're telling someone something for the first time!

    1. No, you haven't said it before. I'm very conscious of my parents increasing incapacity (the gradual disintegration of form) and how easily the things we take for granted get stripped away as the years move forward. I like the image of being encased in ice. Maybe we need to be grateful even for the challenging aspects of living. I don't know if you have read Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy, but his description of the angels longing for the satisfaction of eating food would make you pause to think.


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