Be still and wait

Here is an unravelling. A world which
Cannot be held together by strength of will.
Shoulders, which are not wide enough to carry
What needs to be carried. These tears arriving,
And arriving. Helpless now; curled up like a small child,
Holding myself and waiting. “I said to my
Soul, be still and wait”. Searching inside
for the Great Blue Roar. Where is the
Power and the glory? Heart sore.
Death before rebirth.

I believe there will be a rising again. The ashes of
This great destruction a cradle for new life.
These tears needed, to water the sleeping seed.
Water and ash mingling to nourish the germination.
What will emerge from the seed invisible
Known only later, on reflection. The seed
Does not TRY to germinate. It happens. Surrender
To these endings. Trust these tears. Accept
This helplessness. And when you ask “Who will catch me when I fall?”
The answer arrives;“Be still and wait”.

"I said to my soul , be still and wait" is from TS Elliot's Four Quartets.