Simple ways to be good to yourself every day

Make a window every day to meet yourself.
In that window, don’t hide, don’t pretend, don’t deny. Let yourself really feel and experience how you are, without judgement or reaction.
If the “you” you are meeting is sad – share the sadness. Hold the sadness as something sacred. See where it is seated –
-in the stomach?
-in the heart?
-in the throat?
Don’t try to analyse it.
Don’t try to understand or explain it.
Just meet it, experience it, acknowledge it.
Then allow the higher part of yourself to hold the sadness. “you are sad, and I am holding you in your sadness”.
Feel the kindness of the holding.
Feel the love in the holding.
Stop trying to fight the way you are. Stop trying to make it something different.
Not only are you fighting reality, you’re fighting yourself, and that internal battle is harder than any of the battles you fight out there.
Stop trying to figure out the reasons so that you can fix it and stop being sad.
Just be with yourself, gently, kindly, lovingly, in that place of sadness.
Who told you you shouldn’t be sad? You are sad. How can you not be what you are? Don’t add guilt and punishment and criticism and scorn to your sadness.
Just be sad.
And love yourself, your sad self, and hold your sad self in your loving kindness.