Trusting the Turbulence

On the shore, there are stones and pieces of shell
Which only show their beauty when they are
Covered with water. We pick them up to
Take home, then say “Oh” when they dry.

Without the water, they look dull. Ordinary.
There is nothing special about them. What
Is it about the embrace of the waves, that
Lets them shine and radiate their colour?

I wonder, if there is an element for each of us; in which
Our shimmer can emerge? Some substance
To bathe us and allow magnificence to
Become visible, like these stones and shells.

I like to think of that gentle holding of water:
Then think again of how the stones and shells
Are tumbled, over and over, by that same
Great force, not knowing which way is up.

Maybe our lives are like that; and we need to trust
The turbulence. Allow ourselves to be thrown about.
And all the time we feel we can’t see tomorrow,
We shimmer and shine whenever someone looks