No Straight Lines

Listen to these waves, gentle, rolling waves, one follows another, follows another.
Breeze coming from the right, warm breeze, sweet breeze, sun shining, October warmth.
Family of three at the edge of the water, "Daddy's got ya", safe to fall. Two boys,
Racing and tugging, legs wet to the knees. Light voices behind as people arrive,
Cross the railway and walk the pebble stretch to the water's edge. No hard edges,
No straight lines, only the line of the horizon. When you look more carefully,
Even that's not a line, its a curve. Listen to the world. Sea. Wind. Voices.
Buzz of an insect flying by. Listen to the interior world.
What waves and winds are there?

A whole world, just doing what worlds do. No straight lines.
Follow the curves, sweeping from right to left.
Little bubbling, foaming sounds at the water's edge.