Old Clothes

Some children cannot bear the feel of new clothes.
They like things that are old, cotton, much washed,
Left soft and accommodating to their individual contours.
I'm looking for a day that feels like those old clothes.
I don't want to feel, today, the rub of a collar on my neck.
Don't want to feel the scratchy folds of new cloth.
I want the day to enfold me, and hold me in comfortable
Softness. I want to snuggle against its folds,
I want to bury my nose in soft cloth and a smell
As familiar as my own skin. I want this day
To cosset me, not bind me. To give me space
To move freely, and also keep me warm.
I don't want the surprise of bright colours today.
Washed out, faded tones, maybe even a little frayed,
Setting a backdrop for this Saturn's Day.
Enfold me now, this day, like old clothes do.