Sunset in Faro

Sunset on that dream of a life, sweet happy dream, where two people come together to create something whole. Wrote about it, dreamed about it, bent the truth into some aproximation of it. Oh the iron hoops I used to hold that bent truth out of shape. Tell me now, as I watch this setting sun; bright red circle sinking fast into a blue line of distance. Tell me where that sculpted dream goes, as it sinks beyond the horizon. We imagine a life. Sometimes we have to un-imagine it. I like to think that somewhere, there in a bright happy space beyond the horizon, a dream life continues, pure, sweet. Another me lives another life. The world, soft and yielding, holding us there. Meanwhile, darkness falls fast, October darkness. Daylight disappears. I thought I'd done with this. Drive down the causeway, sunset behind me, a flight beckons. Flying towards a more real version of the truth. Heart aching for all that is lost.