Interviewing Tommorow

This unsafe world, where we
Work and work, and do all the
Right Things; and still - we
Sit now and watch it crumble.
Crumbling, crumbling, crumbling.
Hard saved securities fade to
Nothing. The key, I hear, is
To lose attachment. Stop needing
control. But those worry worms
Don't stop their wriggling.
"Do this! Do that! Try this!
Try that!" And that loud committee
In your head shouts "It's all YOUR
Fault!" So now. Instead of plodding on
Grimly, head bowed, I'm going to
Tell that committee where it can go.
It's raining. I'm tired. And cold.
The world feels hard, hard, hard.
I need a new commitee. One that's on
My side. Spread the word.
I'm interviewing tommorow.