Crazy Starfish Conquistador

If I were a disciple, I could sit at the Master's feet,
And listen. When he spoke, I could be a GOOD
Disciple, and spread his word across the globe.
But I'm no disciple. I'm not. Instead, I'm un - disciplined.
I've tried for decades now to discipline myself, and
All to nought. All to nought, nought, nought. All that
Driving, and pushing, and striving - and still I find
The maverick flees. The good twin longs for
The Master to appear, to take us under his wing
And make us what we should be. The bad twin
Fights against the rules; forgets the practice; drinks;
And so I fight myself, driving, escaping, pushing
And running. Mastering myself, then fighting
The master. Undisciplined to the end.
Crazy starfish consquistador.


  1. I am SO with you on this thought. Other people want a prince to appear and let them live happily ever after; I'd just like a cleaning person and administrative assistant so my lack of discipline doesn't show!


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