Solstice - Season of Darkness

The days are short.
The world is dark.
The word is death.
Gather now.

Gather within.
Within yourself.
Curl inwards. Embrace
The death of the year.

Embrace the mystery
Of dark infinity.
Winter cradle.
Dark womb.

The shortest day.
Closing. Retreat.
Power of darkness.
Power of night.

Mysterious cradle.
Every ancestor
Lived through this darkness,
Year on year.

Reach back. See him now.
Your great great grandfather
Waiting by firelight
For the turning of the year.

Go further still.
Five centuries. Six.
A thousand years
Or more.

All these people,
One year.
Then another.

To bring us here.
Darkest day -
Cradle me.
The turning point is here.


  1. The turning point is here, indeed. It's wonderful to know we are within a larger circle.


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