11pm, and its MY time. Time to play with ideas and see where they lead. Time to play with words, to play with colours, to play with lines on a page. Kids asleep, or those that aren't, quietly watching tv. Dog curled up at the foot of the bed. He's stopped chasing the kitten til morning. Work that's notbeen done can reasonably be shelved until morning at this hour. I should really go to sleep, have a clear head for morning. But its too much fun to sit and play with words and paper and pens. To let the flood of images, ideas, colours, textures, smells accumulate and gather at the tip of a pen. Watch a child. See how THEY play. Sometimes they race around, all sugar high and energy. Otjer times they sit, absorbed in the task at hand. Oblivious to the world around. They resist bed, and sleep - too much to do, too much to do. 11pm and time for that close, concentrated, solitary absorbtion. Let morning take care of itself. The work will still be there. This image here - and that one there - may not be. Capture them. Set them down. Image hunter. Sensation catcher. Forager of ideas. Amidst the leaf mould - truffles.


  1. enjoying your thought-provoking observations


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