Let me be my story

Let me be my story, let the story unfold. Surrender. Surrender to the story, no hiding, no inner cartwheels, no juggling to change the course. This is the course. Let the story unfold, let the river flow. Sometimes its flat and calm, small eddies, fish rising, dragonflies bluely hovering just in sight. Elsewhere, the banks close in, the walls rise, hard rock on either side, squeezing and squeezing until the water pounds and foams to make its way through. Turbulent. Raging. Violent and angry. Just go with the river, you can't climb the banks, and there may be rapids and waterfalls ahead. Don't let fear overwhelm. I am water, I am my story. After the terrifying white water ride, after the great falling torrent, a still pool. Then gentle meandering. Let me be my story, until I reach the ocean.