Secret Desires

For months, when we met, I longed
To sink to my knees, and gently kiss
The tender space, just below your navel.
The power of this desire so overwhelming,
I was afraid I might speak it unwittingly, or
Find myself, one drink too many, kneeling
Unbidden at your feet. Those days have
Passed now. And still I wonder where those
Secret desires go to hide. Is there a
Meeting place, somewhere inside, where they
Gather by the hearth, exchanging notes?
One day, they'll write a book. "Our Secret Life".
And go on tour, doing book signings in remote,
Small town bookshops in the West. Strange,
The secrets we carry inside, and hold so tight.
I wonder, if I will ever tell you about those days.

Small Particles of Desire Gathering at the Hearth