Choose to be happy

This is my life and I can choose to be happy. On the radio, a Greek man is talking about hardship in Greece, the hunger and cold, people freezing to death in the streets, complete absence of hope. The economic world continues on its way. I remember loud voices calling at the height of the boom "we need to build a society, not an economy". Those shouts don't seem to be around these days.
Is it possible to be happy AND sad? I think so. Is it possible to be happy AND afraid? Much harder. Happy and hungry? Harder still. But maybe possible, if happiness is a choice.
Happiness a choice in a broken economy or a soured society? Happiness a choice, even if the life you are living is not the one you imagined?

Keep imagining. Imagine the reality you want. Imagine happiness. Imagine even as certain things are withdrawn, or withdraw from your life. Withdrawal leaves a space. New things can move into the space. Make them the things you want. Keep imagining, and feel it all, the whole parade.
Happiness is our birthright, and is strong enough to co-exist with it all, the whole tumble and jumble of life.
This is my life and I choose to be happy.