In her nature

Here's the dog, doing what her nature tells her to do, jumping in the lake again and again. It's in her nature. It's what she was made for.

And is this what I'm made for? Another Saturday of work that's necessary, but doesn't make me feel alive? Carrying my tension and frustration through the day, letting it spill out on those around me?

Now, as evening draws near, a little space and time for reflection. Lets imagine indulging my nature.... What would I do? Birdsong. Nature. Some time with me. Companionship and connection. Finding a tribe. A place of belonging. Sinking into "home". Quiet and peace. Simple.

So why, as apparently the most evolved species on the planet, do we work so hard against our natures? Why do we create such incredibly complicated lives? This evening I yearn for simple. Simple and safe.


  1. Interesting post.
    If it were not for agitated brain cells, there would be no friction, no spark to light the way. Artists brains are rarely docile,they have to endure, they have to create, they have to venture beyond their nature. Be thankful you don't have empty thoughts in a numb vacuum, then you would cease to be an artist.

    1. Great to have this fresh perspective on it. Thanks!


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