What is This Day For?

(soft pastel on paper)

And what is this day for?

It's for us to live in.

And WHY is this day?

So we can learn to be happy.

And how do we do that?

We live in our days. We

LIVE in our days, alive in our

Moments. We take each one

As it comes. When we

Feel we can fly, we

FEEL we can fly; when we

Land on our backs, we

Experience the landing. And

In-between, we can

walk through our days, and

Learn to be happy.

Happy in each moment.

Happy in the air.

Happy on the ground.

Happy in our days.


  1. I went to a football game yesterday between my team Villa and Arsenal at their ground in London. There were two stewards at the entrance to our section of the ground, one was the archetypal cheery Cockney type who welcomed visiting supporters, guided them to their seats and engaged even the roughets and drunkest in conversation. The other was grumpy, aggressive and argumentative. I observed both at the end of the game, the first was still happily wishing people a safe journey home and receiving a similar response back, the other was still engaged in slanging matches with people he had upset. This otherwise inoccuous situation said a lot about human psycology. Nine times out of ten the way you look at the world appears to impact on what the world gives back.


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