and this is what I saw.....

Woke up this Sunday morning, didn't want to get up, wanted to stay in bed feeling terrible. My bones ached and my throat hurt, and I just wanted to get a cup of tea and stay in bed. But duty  beckoned with it's powerful call, and up I got. After collecting my son from where he had to be collected from, we went for a walk, our favourite walk, around the top lake at Vartry. I didn't want to walk, I wanted to go home to bed. But. Here we were. The dogs needed it. And I decided to really LOOK around me and see what I could see. And this is what I saw...

Sunlight  on the water. Sky, clouds, trees, all reflected perfectly

 This root caught my attention. The texture so smooth, and yet the root so bent.
 The path through the trees at the edge of the water

 The lake from a distance. Silage bales to the left. Farming. The process by which we get our food.

 My son walking across a fallen log

 .........and then sharing his ice cream with the dogs
This half decayed tree

It's evening now. I'm in a different part of the country. Those moments are gone.

"Live in the moment" they say.

A snapshot of moments.

A snapshot of life.