The Brave Prince

(a story by Andrew Howell age 7 and Krystyna aged - not much older)
In a castle, far away, there waa a magical sword that everyone wanted to have. But there was one prince who wanted it more than anybody else. But to get the sword, he had to fight a dragon.
The castle where the sword was hidden had two people inside it - a princess and a king. They were trapped in the castle by a dragon. The sword was hidden in the castle with them - but they did not know. They had not been outside to hear the legend. The legend of the sword that could kill even the most fiercesome dragon.
The prince was crossing a shallow lake on his horse when he saw smoke coming up from the castle. He didn't know where the smoke was coming from. He didn't know about the dragon. After the shallow lake, there was a deeper lake. A very deep lake. There was no way to cross unless you had a boat. Unless - maybe his horse could swim across the lake.
Bravely, they set across. They could see now that it was the dragon making the smoke. The prince felt scared. He knew he would have to fight the dragon.
As his horse stood dripping by the lake, the prince made his way to the castle. The dragon had flown off to Tesco to get some dinner. So the prince sneaked in. He tried to get the sword, but he couldn't. He had fallen in love with the princess at first sight. All he could do was stare at her.
The sword was hidden behind the cooker. The prince decided to cook a meal for the princess, because he loved her so much. He made pancakes, but as he flipped the pancake, it fell behind the cooker. Oh no! In panic, the prince pulled the cooker out. There was the sword!
He took the sword and he ran out with the princess and the king. Just then, the dragon came back from Tesco, carrying his shopping bag on his tail. The dragon was FURIOUS. this dragon was the oldest dragon in the world. He wore thick glasses so that he could see. As he swooped to sttack the prince, his glasses fell off and landed in the lake.
Unable to see, the dragon flew straight onto the sword which the brave prince was holding in the air. The sword pierced his cruel heart, and in an instant, he was dead.
The prince and princess got married, and did their shopping in Lidl ever after.