Basic Needs

(Bruno the pup at 5.30 this morning)

Observing this new arrival, since he left his mother and his brothers and sisters in the litter six days ago, I'm struck by the universal needs reflected in the world of a small pup.

When he's left alone, his cry is loud enough to spread through the whole house. It's unbearable. Of course it is. It's designed by nature to let his mother find him if he gets separated from the pack. He's crying because he's designed by nature not to be alone. His place is with the pack, with the litter, with his mother.

When he's with us, his substitute pack, he doesn't cry. When he's left alone, his whole being focuses its attention on becoming loud enough to be found.

Humans too have a basic need to belong; to our families, our communities, our friendships and relationships, our organisations, workplaces and places of education. And yet so many feel they don't belong. So many struggle to find their belonging. Perhaps if we had a loud distress call, and it was socially acceptable to cry out our longing to belong, we could be more easily "found" and reconnected.

"I'm not lost, I'm not lost, just undiscovered" James Morrison