Costa Caparica Sunset - waves breaking on rocks

Caparica Sunset
(acrylic on watercolour paper)

Last night, we headed to Costa Caparica, to the "eat all you can" sushi restaurant. When we'd eaten all we could of raw fish, wasabi, pickled ginger, noodles and octopus, we took a stroll along the seashore. The sun was just setting. A beautiful Portuguese evening, cold enough to need the jumpers I'd brought. We walked out onto a rocky promontary, and listened to, and watched the waves break. Not ferocious, but steady, and strong.

I took some great photos, and planned to post one today. But hey ho, this morning brought a trip to the village pharmacy in Quinto do Anjo, to get painkillers for a boy with a sore throat. I called into the little newsagent's in the square to get pencils and a notepad - and found a small "schoolkit" of tiny 10ml tubes of acrylic paint - black, cyan blue, yellow, magenta and white. All for €6.90 including a plastic paint tray. Two small brushes at €0.90 each.

And hey ho ~ I painted it instead.


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