Black Castle at Sunset

In Wicklow, there is a place called The Black Castle. There are, indeed the ruins of a castle on the cliffs. Unprotected, perching on the edge of the cliffs, I've feared the loss of various children and animals here.

It's also a spot for young people to gather and drink. Lots of teenage stories belonging to my kids around this space.

Yeaterday evening, it was just me and the dog. Who found something disgusting to roll in. I tried wiping here down with tissues, until the smell overwhelmed me. Finally, I brought her back to the sea. Got my feet soaked. Bue bye ten year old mocassins. She still stank.

Got her to swim in the harbour. Asked thean hosing his boat to hose Maisie. She still stank.

Drove home with the windows wide open at 10pm. Shampooed her on the deck at 10.15.

Still. What a glorious sunset.