The life you have made

(Foxglove in the rain, Co Wicklow, Ireland in the early evening on Friday 13th, 2012)

The Life You Have Made

You take the bits you're given, and make what you can with them. Then, one day, you turn around, and find you've made a life.

Not perfect. But a life. YOUR life. The one you are living. Step by step, it has come into being. Piece by random piece.

It could have been different. If you'd taken that job instead of this. If this person had stayed longer. If that person had left sooner. Yet still, here it is, just so, the life you have made.

Take it now, and spread it out in front of you. Look at it. Taste it. Smell it. Check out it's textures and contours. Pull the edges straight so you can see the full picture. Read it. Listen to it. Watch the colour and shape. Hear its sounds. Your life.

Lay yourself down now on top of it. Arms stretched wide. Embrace it. Embrace your life. Then claim it.

The life you have made.


  1. Thanks. Last night - I embraced my life, good and bad, and owned it.


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