Full moon rising

I call you out, and we walk to the end of the garden to look at the full moon rising. My feet are bare. Half way across the wet grass, you tell me you're wearing new slippers. Never mind. They'll dry.

A full moon is rising over Carrig, and we watch, and wonder about the night sky and it's mysteries. You ask me if they launch rockets to the moon from Carrig. I tell you no. "But it's so close from here!"

I go back across the dark expanse of garden to get my phone to take a picture, although I know it won't do it justice. You stay close. The dark is quite dark now, and night time noises are scary. Th dogs excite around us at this unexpected chance to run and sniff in the dark.

 Back out again, and light clouds move slowly against the distant hill. There's a light breeze, and its cool and fresh and  a great peace hangs in the sky with the big full moon