The world sings in Glorious Technicolour

It's a long drop from the harbour wall to the water, yet the children are leaping in quite unafraid. Your skinny ribs jump in bravely too, though the shock of the cold sends you scuttling back up the ladder. At your bidding, I get in too, tentatively, down the ladder and off the small wooden platform just at the water. A gentle jump.

After a while, I brave a dive, and finally, I jump in off the harbour wall. I swim out to the small square platform anchored in the harbour, dive back in, swim back to the harbour wall, where the puppy plays with his new friends.

Above us, the sky blue and white, while clouds heavy with monsoon rain threaten in the distance, and small boats bob in the harbour, and far out to sea, just at the horizon, a ribbon of rainbow hangs flattened above the water.

The world sings to me, in glorious technicolour.


  1. Wonderful Krysia! I sit in my office near Birmingham airport, taking a short mental break from the backlog of 'things to be done'. I am transported to that harbour wall and for a moment feel the exhileration of that splash into the cold water. Another mighty roaring plane flies over head, taking strangers to exciting places and I am reminded that anything is possible.

  2. I know that list of things to be done only too well. It never gets shorter, does it? And all the time, a world outside the window full off possibility....


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