Between four and seven

I'd forgotten the difference between four and seven, until Annabel came to stay. Four to the core. With her questions needing my presence. Not to be me; just to provide the buffers for her imagination to bang against as she explores the boundaries of her world.

By seven, it's all more refined, more specific, the questions more of a challenge. A requirement for YOU, and no one else will really do, confronting everything you say, making a place in the world.

But Annabel's quite happy to pull out all the old soft toys, and line them up at the end of the bed. She needs another cat. Why isn't there another cat? And why do we have two cats and two dogs? And sometimes mommy makes me supper before bed.

So, after toast and butter ( no jam - I HATE jam!), it's time to race about, and scare the dogs, and pull out all the toys until finally, finally, maybe, it might be time for bed.