Mr. Worry

Here's Mr.Worry arriving at 1.57am.
He's carrying a big sheaf of papers, labelled "things that must be done".
He's carrying a big stick to beat me with. Baseball bat shaped, the stick's engraved, running down it's length there are phrases like "should do better", "not enough" and "you're to blame".

Mr.Worry bats me gently, experimentally at first, then sensing that I'm his tonight, throws the papers in the air over my head and sets to beating me in earnest. He nearly wins. I'm all set to get up and switch the laptop on, spend the rest of the night working, when a spark of resistance arrives. I'll write these words instead.

I'm tempted to grab his bat and beat Mr Worry out of the room, when I realise he's frightened, not bad. I'll make him a cup of tea, and bring him back to bed, and maybe together we can rest until morning.

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