In my house on the right bank

After I've crossed the stepping stones,
(boulders more like),
and crossed a river in full flow;
after I've jumped fast
over the last rock,
(which is fully submerged),
and walked uphill
across the meadow
to the house on the right bank,
I find the little niche where I left it,
just to the left of the entrance door.
My object of pure potential.
My small, smooth, white, round stone.

Entering the house,
(and after washing myself
clean of all anxiety)
I find a staircase
that wasn't there before.
It's unassuming,
a simple, straight stair.
The landing runs in two
directions, and I move towards
the back of the house.
Here's a door. Open it.
A big empty room,
an uncarpeted timber floor.
In the space, two things
A wooden sideboard,
and a wardrobe, with a veneered
wooden door. Which holds the answer?

I open the wardrobe door.
At the back, a flight of
granite steps lead me
up a long dark tunnel.
There's light at the top.
I come out into a sunlit pasture,
with big trees, (oaks and chesnuts,) swaying around the edges.
And I laugh to know
the answer is so simple.