Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Shadows and light and life

Horse at the gate
It was late, tonight, when I stepped out to walk the dogs. A guilt walk - they'd been in their pen outside all day, and we were only just home. I took a torch, but after a while, I realised I didn't need it. Light enough to see my way without.

It was late, and still warm - so strange! I walked without a coat or a hat or a scarf. And the quarter moon lit the sky. A black shadows of dogs raced down the road. And a faint orange glow in the distance showed Dublin, over the mountain.

A horse in his coat still stood by the gate, pulling at hay. Somewhere in the distance the squeal of a small animal. Shadows and light and life. And as I turn back in the drive, Andrew's sitting in the porch in his pyjamas, waiting for me to come back before he'll go to bed. Shadows, and light, and life.

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