Shhh Now, Baby.

I thought this lying awake at 4am had gone,
still, here it is, back again.
There's a slight ache in my lower back,
and my right knee feels strained.
The house is quiet.
For an hour, I've been lying here,
telling myself to sleep,
wondering whether to just get up
and get started on the day.

At 4am, things loom large,
and blessings are hard to count.
Minutes that pass, with no sign of sleep,
are counted more easily.
It's already 5 now, and I'm wondering again,
whether to just forget the night,
whether to just get up
extra early for my 6.30 start.

Or can I sink back to sleep?
Find the sinking spot,
where the bed finally feels comfortable again,
the pillow crisp,
aches slip away,
my body a small child now, which
I tell "shhh now - go back to sleep".
Shhhhh now, baby. Shhhhh

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