The cranes are going up all over Dublin again,
And those lucky enough to have survived
Congratulate themselves,
And quickly forget the days
Of out of date supermarket food,
And working till three in the morning,
Just to keep paying off debts.

The country is split into two parts,
And as you drive further away from Dublin,
This becomes readily apparent,
In small town main streets full of
Empty shops, and still empty houses
On the outskirts of town.

But Dublin's a different story now,
And the cafe's are full at lunchtime again,
And the fashionable shops in Monkstown, Dundrum,
Restock their shelves and
No longer have to sell off stock
At only fifty times what it cost to make
In some multi storey deathtrap factory
Somewhere far away.

And hand-made kitchens are back in vogue,
And if you want new windows you'd best join the queue,
And the car parks are full,
And the pavements are full,
And the homeless hostels are most full of all.

It's recovery, you see,
And like anyone in recovery,
We boast our success.
We're the envy of Europe once more.

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