At The Nursing Home

Frances runs. A nurse runs after her.
Another heads to the front of the house.
Three of them in the car park
trying to calm her.
"Get your hands off me, bitch".
She sees me, heading for my car.
"You'll take me, won't you?"
They ask her where she wants to go,
and she tells us, a job interview.
She tells us she has to go NOW.
"You'll take me, won't you?" as she
clutches her handbag to her chest.
The manager comes out.
Tells her to come inside,
she'll call Jimmy,
they can talk about it with him.
But she tells us she CAN'T go back in.
She tells us the nurses turn into elephants and chase her.
I say that sounds like a scary thing.
She tells us again that she needs to get to the interview.
She tells us over and over, until she gets tired,
and lets them lead her gently inside.
I stand and watch,
then get in my car and drive away.